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The Portrait of Dorian Gray, in Association with Pop Magic Productions June 30 - July 29


Pop Magic Productions in association with The Runaways Lab is proud to present The Portrait of Dorian Gray, an adaptation of the famous novella by Oscar Wilde created by Olivia Lilley and The Ensemble. This production, spearheaded by Lilley, is a devised and completely collaborative experience rooted in Wilde’s text and based on improvisation. Featuring an all female and gender non-conforming cast, the ensemble includes: Peter Wilde, as “Lord” Henry; Jojo Brown, as Ivy; Kat Christensen, as Alice, the Alchemist and Jeff, the trust fund kid; Mary Kate Young, as Sybil Vane; and introducing Dorothy Humphrey as Dorian Gray. The production will run Friday and Saturday nights at 10pm from June 30th to July 29th, 2017 at Compass Creative Dramatics: 4001 N. Ravenswood, Unit B3, Chicago, IL, 60613.

In our reworking of the classic, Dorian Gray is a young woman from a wealthy suburban family, who is discovered while riding the Pink Line by Ivy, an SAIC drop out & tattoo artist. When Ivy’s trust fund party boi / aspiring art dealer ex, “Lord” Henry sees Ivy’s sketch of Dorian’s face, Henry knows that the piece could make both his and Ivy’s names. With Ivy’s panicked refusal to part with the picture, Henry sets his sights on a new protege: Dorian herself. On Henry’s insistence that she has the face of a model, Dorian enters the elusive world of social media and self-promotion. Soon, Dorian falls for Sybil Vane, a beautiful Instagram star. When Dorian discovers not everything is as it seems, she learns that wearing a mask can be a powerful tool for manipulating others, which becomes the key to living the life that she wants. As her personal philosophy turns magical and the sketch takes on a life of its own, The Portrait of Dorian Gray brings you on a wild ride through violence, empathy, and the lack thereof.

The Creative team for The Portrait of Dorian Gray includes: Katie Friedman (Costumes), Devonte Washington (Stage Manager), Sarah Patin (Movement/Acting Coach), Kellen Robinson (Violence Choreographer)  Ariana Silvan-Grau (Marketing), Caitlin Joy Shantz (Assistant Producer), and Jay Van Ort (Assistant Director).

Contact for more information or to schedule your tickets. Press is invited to attend Opening Weekend performances, June 30th and July 1st, with a guest. Tickets can be found at .

Dead Youth, or, The Leaks June 10th and 17th

In association with High Concept Lab’s Spring Artist Sponsorships

The Runaways Lab present two workshop performances of Joyelle McSweeney’s “Dead Youth”, or, “The Leaks.” The play is set aboard a hijacked containership upon which Julian Assange leads a chorus of Dead Youth—youngsters killed in violent circumstances such as war, factories, or senior prom—to Magnetic Island to upload them to the Internet before they decay.  Premiering “Dead Youth”, or, “The Leaks” marks the Runaways first collaboration with acclaimed polymath-writer McSweeney, whose best works, “like a great horror film, calls [our fears] up from the depths to the shuddering twilit surface”, according to the La Review of Books.

Since the Runaways first live reading of “Dead Youth” in early 2015, the currents of world affairs have intensified. From the election of Donald Trump and the proliferation of fake news and Wikileaks to the (re)emergence of white nationalism. Our contemporary moment makes a play that brings to light the veiled violence that makes capitalism possible all the more urgent. McSweeney writes like it’s the end of the world and in face of the void, art-making gains urgency. It asks difficult questions and erects circuitries among disparate disciplines.

Dylan Fahoome
Will Green
Candace Hundell
Ronen Kohn
Quenna Lené
Gannon Reedy
Jo Schaffer
Maggie Vaughn

Sara Zalek

Mariel Harari

Will Green

Nick Meryhew

Jack Gruszczynski

Joyelle McSweeney

Logan Breitbart

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