2018 Season Rundown

First up we have The Adventures of Astroman. A sci fi double feature with more existential visions of the cruel void than a day at your office job. It’s written by company member Dan  Mozurkewich and directed by myself, we got puppets, an original score, and an incredible cast. Sci fi heaviness, blistering psychedelia: we’re serving you nihilistic anime realness, OK? No other theater company has the guts to do a show inspired by Evangelion, right???? This production will be up at Voice of The City Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays July 6th – 27th.







Next up, a 3 part production helmed by our brilliant company member Logan Brietbart (no relation), COVEN RAVE:

Coven Rave is a three part event series that explores boundaries between ritual and theater, between experiment and bullshit etc. First event is called The Blue Hour. Its a multisensory performance of poet-essayist Elisa Gabbert’s book L’huere Bleue which is an adaptation of Wallace shawns The Designated Mourner. That’s right an adaptation of an adaptation! It’ll be on May 25 at the Comfort Station in Logan Square. The other two are called Cult Party and [t}witch[y]love. Details forthcoming!




THEN, KNOW THIS: submissions for our the 2018 DONIG DRUGS AND DYING IN SPACE RITUAL are now open and will remain open until August 1st. If you need a reminder, the doing drugs and dying in space ritual is a the best short play festival ever put up by a theater company. To submit, your play must meet the the following criteria:
– A character must take a drug
– A character must die in space
– The play must be 10 pages long at maximum.
Send your submission from now till August 1 to gannon@runawayslab.org. Looking forward to digging them!




Finally, in 2018 The Runaways have committed to working with new collaborators, on new works and in new ways. Thus, LAB was born. Lab is a new take on the typical reading/workshop presentation; we strive to create a more collaborative, interactive, performative and overall exciting event for the audience and to provide a carefree, pressure-free environment to create in prior to sharing the work. There have been two labs thus far, debuting Jo JB. Schaffer’s Dissolution directed by Sarah Patin, featuring a guided meditation by Nire Nah, and Erin Courtneys Black Cat Lost directed by Spencer Diedrick, featuring an interactive reading of Seraphina Violet Cueller’s The Angry Woman directed by Maggie Vaughn. If you are interested in participating in or curating a LAB experience of your own, reach out to Maggie Vaughn at info@runawayslab.org.

2016-2017 Runaways Recap Happy Holidays to All

runaways holiday letter 2017

Azzhreth Cult Briefing File 4.2 Regarding the Space Ritual

To prepare for the upcoming Doing Drugs and Dying In Space Ritual, The Runaways Lab Theater (ticket info here) has commissioned a historical account of the true Space Cult that inspired the ritual.