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The Runaways Lab and Voice of the City Present Goddamn Geniuses February 10 - March 5

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The Runaways Lab and Voice of the City are proud to announce the second offering of their 2016-2017 season, Goddamn Geniuses. This original play, by company member Nathaniel Shane and Artistic Director Gannon Reedy, uses one of the Runaways’ staples of reimagining an historic event in a fast and loose piece of theater. Explore the limitations of live entertainment as the heralds of quantum physics launch into a gender blurred reality where anything can happen to a docile scientist.

“At the 1927 Solvay conference a group of brilliant physicists engage in a passionate discussion about the nature of reality and the relationships that define who they are. Then, a time traveling pleasure-surfer with a briefcase full of swords, firearms, and magic bandanas, interrupts them. He alerts them to the hundreds of transdimensional demons hot on their heels and hungry for blood. A play both ambitious in intellect and breathless in stupidity, it pushes the capacity of onstage chaos to radical heights.”

Goddamn Geniuses runs February 10th- March 5th Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 7pm, at Voice of the City,  3429 W Diversey Ave*. Tickets are on sale Monday January 9th @ runawayslab.org

*Voice of the City a non-profit organization and the official co-producer of this production.

*=Runaways Company Member

Written by Nathaniel Shane* and Gannon Reedy*

Directed by Gannon Reedy*

Assistant Directed by Sarah Patin*

Dramaturgy by Maggie Vaughn* and Akash Dixit

Costumes by Mikaila Jasso*

Set and Prop Design by Frances McKearn*

Fight Choreography by Kai Young

Lighting by Andrew Leumkhul

Stage Manager: Laura Swierzbin


Nick Hassebrock*

Ross Childs

Elizabeth Rinaldi

Erin Morrill*

Jillian Leff

Lauren Thompson

Eleni Sauvageau

Nick Benz

Trenton McFatridge

Nick Villalon

Polley Cooney

Aaron Wertheim


Magdalen Vaughn, Co-Artistic Director



The Runaways Lab Theatre is accepting play submissions for 2017’s Doing Drugs And Dying In Space Short Play Festival.

The rules for submission are as follows:
1. The play must involve characters on or offstage engaging with mind altering substances
2. The play must involve characters dying in space (ie: on the space station, on another planet, floating in the void; anywhere but Earth)
3. The play must be at longest 10 pages long.
For thematic reference, please consult: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=MoZ_Lg21b14

Submissions will be accepted until January 13th. Please refer all play submissions, questions to Gannon Reedy at gannon@runawayslab.org


Images from last years ritual:

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