Mary Shelley Sees The Future


October 21st – November 13th @ Outerspace Studios, 1474 N Milwaukee


As the first play of The Runaways stacked, diverse 5th season, Mary Shelley brings to light a myriad of hot topics in Chicago arts and social justice. ‘Mary Shelley’ is a body-swapping, time-traveling odyssey with comedic and gothic textures.

On a stormy night in Italy circa 1822, Mary Shelley – author of Frankenstein, outcast, daughter of a feminist vanguard – makes a wish and finds herself in the body of a queer female novelist in Chicago, 2016. Mary’s progressive ideas about women in the world appear to have found their home, but Mary struggles with her new friends’ views of Mary Shelley, the historical figure and the legacy of her work. Meanwhile, Mya is hurtled back in time and into the body of Mary Shelley. What she finds is hardly the polite, old world of her daydreams. In this blasphemous bio-play, Lilley challenges the ideas of aesthetic and political “progress” and asks us to consider the true monstrosities among us.
Fridays – Sundays @ 8pm
October 22nd @ 3pm

Tickets are SUGGESTED DONATION $13 online and SUGESTED DONATION $15 at the door.

*In order of appearance

Mary Shelley / Mya – Lindsey Tindall
Trelawny / Juan – Nico Fernandez
Mya / Mary Shelley – Sarah Patin
Percy Shelley / Eric – Daniel Mozurkewich
Angelica – Natalie Joyce
Pete / Lord Byron – Peter Wilde
Josie / Claire Claremont – Alexia Meneely
Jane / Isabella Baxter Booth – Magdalen Kay
Simone / Jane Williams – Kenya Ann Hall
William Godwin – Rebecca Fletcher

Doing Drugs and Dying in Space


March 24-27 @7pm
Iridium Clothing Store, 1330 N. Milwaukee Ave.


Tickets on Sale February 29th with Early Bird Pricing until March 3rd, for $14.

Regular tickets on sale now for $17.  

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The Party House

Credit: Kevin Risinger

Credit: Kevin Risinger

Sep. 3rd – Sep. 27th, 2015
@ I.C.
2241 W. 21st
Chicago, IL

Chronicling the glorious adventures of 211 S. Neville, the house on the hill behind the Catholic boys’ school, “The Party House” is a re-enactment / re-imagining of a year, recorded by hand painstakingly by one house scribe. In our story, we call her Odette. Shirtless O’Clock, Beer Showers, and waking up in the morning feelin like P. Diddy are resurrected through the collaborative efforts of 14 actors, the ghost of 17 notebooks, and the scattered memories of 1 director.

What happens when one person’s memories of a pinnacle time in their life are fictionalized by a group to create an entirely new experience? We will find out.