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DIY Museum Thanks




The DIY Museum Gala has come and gone: it ripped, it ruled, and it totally shredded. We celebrated the life and future demise of the Runaways, and I (Gannon Reedy) drank to many fancy bourbon sours and lost my nice red blazer. But this Facebook post isn’t about my very nice red blazer that is missing, NO! This Facebook post is about giving recognition to the amazing people and organizations that made what was (to my knowledge) the word’s first Do-It-Yrself Museum.

The first and biggest thanks go to Frances McKearn, the Museum God. The look of the museum and the overall contextual functionality wouldn’t exist without the work of Frances. The majority of the exhibits were either built by her or being framed by something she built. The amount of detail in each of these cardboard masterpieces is really incredible – with her the thing really was a functional museum. Thank you, Frances, thank you a million times over.

Big thanks to Voice of the City for letting us use their space, for sponsoring the event, and in general being so easy and fun to work with. Check out the shows and classes they got going in the space – it’s a really killer spot!

Major thanks to the alcohol sponsors Four Roses Bourbon, Finch Beer Co and Mila One. Thanks to these guys we had a fully functioning bar with fancy beer, bourbon, and a whole variety of wine choices. For a company that operates mostly on a DIY level, that was a real luxury. And special shout out to Mila One for getting us extra cups, straws, and other necessary bar accouterments!

Thanks to Janice Lim for building a full-on talking robo head, to Anthony Cramer for the beautiful painting of Logan Breitbart as a facist dictator, and to Mikaila Von Merr for the severed hand. All of those ideas for exhibits I came up with that seemed too ambitious to actually achieve, so it was a real thrill to see them existing live the day of.

Thank you, DJ Ariel Zetina for providing righteous tunes through the evening. Nothing gives an event the sheen of authenticity than a DJ and nothing makes an event killer like a great DJ, so thank you for that, and thank you for keeping me boogyin’ all night long.

Thanks to Mike Davis for giving us two of his songs to use for the exhibit on The Psychic Internet.

All hail Erin Kathryn Morrill for presiding over the performances and thanks to the performers Casey Toney, David Seeber, Daniel Mozurkewich, Wyn Evans, Maximillian Correa, and Ross Childs. I laughed, I cried, I beheld robo-carnage with baited breath – it was real powerful stuff.

Thanks to the rest of the runaways on hand for working the door, acting as security, or being living statue robo dude answering questions for guests:Cheryl Cornacchione Nowlin, Nicholas Hassebrock, Sarah Patin, Olivia Lilley, and Nate Shane.

Finally thanks to all the folks who came out and made it such a fun evening. We hope ya dug it and that you keep coming out, because we got some gnarly cool events and shows happening this year!

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