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Faust Save Me Or I'll Die

Credit: Kevin Risinger

Credit: Kevin Risinger

Feb. 27th – Mar. 22nd, 2015
@ Various Location,
Chicago, IL

A cautionary tale of a world renowned scholar, approaching death, certain he’s done everything wrong in life, so he makes a pact with the Devil, trading his soul for youth, beauty, and everything he wants on earth.”Faust: Part 1” by Johann Von Goethe in 19 different secret locations across the City of Chicago, from Pilsen to Roger’s Park. The show will never be performed twice in the same space.


Ben Kaye, Erin Morrill, Sarah Patin, Roy Rainey, Lindsey Tindall, Gannon Reedy as Faust

Directed by Olivia Lilley

Poetry Advisor: Kenyatta Rogers

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