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Mary Shelley Tickets On Sale Now!

The Runaways Theatre Lab is proud to announce the first offering of their 2016-2017 season, Mary Shelley Sees the Future.

A World premiere by Runaways founder Olivia Lilley, ‘Mary Shelley’ is a body-swapping, time-traveling odyssey with comedic and gothic textures.

On a stormy night in Italy circa 1822, Mary Shelley – author of Frankenstein, outcast, daughter of a feminist vanguard – makes a wish and finds herself in the body of a queer, female-identifying Chicago novelist in 2016. Mary’s progressive ideas about women in the world appear to have found their home, but she struggles with her new friends’ views of Mary Shelley, the historical figure and the legacy of her work. Meanwhile, Mya is hurtled back in time and into the body of Mary Shelley. What she finds is hardly the polite, old world of her daydreams. In this blasphemous bio-play, Lilley challenges the ideas of aesthetic and political “progress” and asks us to consider the true monstrosities among us.

Mary Shelley Sees the Future runs:
Oct 21 – Nov 13, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 8pm* at Outerspace Studios 1474 N Milwaukee Ave, 3rd Floor.

**Oct 22 will be at 3pm

Written/Directed by Olivia Lilley
Choreography/Movement by Cheryl Nowlin
Assistant Directed by Anna Hendrix
Dramaturgy by Malvika Jolly

Acted By:
Nico Fernandez
Daniel Mozurkewich
Natalie Joyce Smith
Peter Wilde
Alexia Jasmene
Magdalen Vaughn
Kenya Hall
Rebecca Joy Fletcher
Starring Sarah Patin and Lindsey Tindall as Mary Shelley / Mya, respectively.

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