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Phantom of the… Chopin?

Could there be a phantom in the midst of the humble Chopin Theatre? The disappearance of the painting for our own ‘Red Death’ might suggest! One warm October afternoon the painting is left in the lobby of the theatre and vanishes. Those working at that time continue the daily work unabated. Not days later, the fate of the missing painting becomes a curiosity of the theatre and it’s occupying company.

Rumor has it that an over-night worker was there the night it vanished. This worker is said to have seen the painting still in the lobby, deciding to leave it there as to not misplace it. Midway through their shift, nearly at the stroke of 1, while cleaning glass on framed artwork in the downstairs lobby; a series of thuds followed by cracking noise was heard upstairs. Rushing upstairs, the concert of disruption progressed into a backroom. Silence crept through the doorway as they entered. In the corner of the room was a strange hallway that had gone unnoticed until now, with a red string leading down it. Only to follow into a dead end with the string connecting to the middle of the wall, the image of this symbol stamped above the string.red_symbolWhen the owners of the Chopin followed up with the worker on the subject, they were brought to the backroom with the hallway and the string. However, the only thing in that corner of the back room was a heavy wooden bookcase with no secrets behind.

The case of the phantom of the operareddeath.original
A work inspired by the cubist and futurist movements of the early 20th century. It was created for the first show in the second season of The Runaways Lab Theatre.Hand painted in acrylic on canvas, this work depicted a detective seated at desk rifling through documents on the case of the paris opera. The image of a mirror reflecting a wedding dress under dripping blood is seen intersecting through both the detective and documents.

Physical size: 18″x24″
Signed: dwda

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