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Pop Up Scenes: Faust Faust ( Save Me Or I'll Die )

Faust Pop Ups Poster
Beginning tomorrow!
Presenting excerpts from the Runaways Lab Theatre present Faust (Save Me Or I’ll Die).
Come to the opening night for the first taste of our upcoming showings of Faust: Part 1.

All dates for our Pop Up scenes are FREE with no RSVP
However, tickets for Faust (Save Me Or I’ll Die) may be purchased here.
Dates for these Pop Up Scenes include:


Saturday February 21st
Rhino Fest @ The Prop Theatr
3502 N. Elston
Between 12pm – 9pm
In the lobby
Monday February 23rd
Salonathon @ Beauty Bar
1444 W. Chicago
Between 9pm – 12am
Saturday February 28th
Roger’s Park Social
6920 N. Glenwood
Saturday March 14th
Roger’s Park Social
6920 N. Glenwood
12pm – 3pm

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