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Runaways Lab Needs Your Help! DDADIS Ritual and 2016 Season Funding Campaign

Hello Friends, Weirdos and Interested Bystanders All.

We are the Runaways Lab Theater Company and we are doing big things in 2016.


And also small. We are pointing out social inequalities and highlighting the absurdity of politics with our 2016 season. We want to bring FREE programming to local communities and schools, produce original works by local artists and generally upset the fabric of space-time but we can’t do it without your help.

In order to produce 3 plays, 1 play festival and several Bodacious Bashes for our fans and mildly interested parties this season we need to begin by raising a grand total of $1,500 to push us into our first phase of season planning and budgeting. The Runaways themselves will not be compensated this season until we can secure the funding we need to:

-Pay for the DDADIS space we are playing in for 6 nights.
-Advertise our show with posters and stickers.
-Refresh our supply of DIY lighting equipment and sound programs.
-Rent 50 chairs a night and purchase floor seating for DDADIS and future runaways productions. (comfy cushions and beautiful blankets)
-Pay our Production Crew.
-Produce a DIY Museum/Season Announcement Party at the beginning of the Summer!!!
-Put ourselves in a place where we can compensate Directors, Actors and Production staff for their work in 2016.

How will we do this? With the help of our fans and an excellent incentives program connected to the Doing Drugs and Dying in Space Ritual. Please consider giving any of the following amounts, with the promise of prizes and purposeful deaths in space.

$25 : Will garner you a Space Sticker and your name in the program. (+100,000 gratitude gems)
$50 : Ensures 1 free ticket to the show, a space sticker and your name in the DDADIS program. (+100,000,000 gratitude gems)
$75 : Grants you a commemorative shard of The Black Knight Satellite (a bonafide relic of the D’Dyas Space Cult), 1 free ticket, a space sticker and your name in our program. (+level up in gratitude skill level)
$100 : Means you will be officially eulogized within the Doing Drugs and Dying in Space Ritual as a comrade in cosmic cult-ing. You will also enjoy a commemorative shard of The Black Knight Satellite, 1 free ticket to the show, a space sticker and your name in our program. (+become a gratitude gem gremlin and play gratitude gems gyrator for 1 hr with unlimited lives!)

The Donation Button below will be a permanent fixture in our emails and web presence henceforth, but this incentive campaign will only last until March 27! Please help us make this #spaceritual and the upcoming season announcement bash memorable, momentous melanges of mystery. And don’t forget:

Iridium Clothing Store Basement, 1330 N. Milwaukee
March 24-27, 2016
Tickets on Sale Feb 29-March3 for $14, March3-27 for $17
Industry Codes Available on Request

All The Love!
The Runaways


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