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The Doing Drugs And Dying In Space Short Play Festival Artistic submissions

The Runaways are looking for artists to devise new work or direct submitted material for The Doing Drugs and Dying in Space Short Play Festival tentatively set to open November 2015. Rules for content within the festival are as follows:

1. The play must involve characters on or offstage engaging with mind altering substances.
2. The play must involve characters dying in space
(ie: on the space station, on another planet, floating in the void; anywhere but Earth).
3. The play must be at longest 10 minutes long.

For thematic reference, please consult this video: Here

If interested in working on a devised piece, please submit a resume and a proposal outlining what the foundational ideas behind the devised piece would be, what their devising process would look like, and what technical materials they would need for the completion of the piece.

Directors interested in directing submitted pieces may submit a resume and a cover letter outlining what sort of play they would like to work with.

Directors may also submit their own plays that they would like to direct themselves.

Submissions will be accepted until September 16th. Please refer all play submissions, questions to Gannon Reedy at

credit: Gannon Reedy

credit: Gannon Reedy

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