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Our first offering of the 2016-2017 season Mary Shelley Sees The Future may have closed, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over. GODDAMN GENIUSES, co-written by Nathaniel Shane and Gannon Reedy, begins rehearsals in just a few weeks! In the meantime, this photo essay by Nico Fernandez will take you behind-the-scenes into the devising and rehearsal process of director Olivia Lilley and Mary Shelley. Check it out!


Mary Shelley stares down a faceless man…

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Thank You for Coming out to Mary Shelley!

There is a more detailed thank you to come, but from everyone in the cast, production team and creative leadership, we would like to thank the audience members and collaborators of Mary Shelley Sees the Future. We had a great run and some AMAZING talkbacks to finish out what has to be one of the most politically and culturally pertinent plays presented by The Runaways to date.

Thanks again, and see you soon for our Hellish Holiday Party!

Percy Shelley Chases His Wife Through Time?

For the upcoming weeks, Mary Shelley dramaturge Malvika Jolly will be guest posting here with all manner of dramaturgical research and documentation that goes into bringing our play to life! Here you will find short essays, photos & video from the rehearsal process, and other tasty tidbits to help us flesh out the social, political, and performative landscapes of “Mary Shelley Sees the Future”. This is part three in the series. You can read parts one, two, and four here. 


screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-12-59-34-am                                          (This isn’t paid advertisement. It’s surveillance art.)


Midway through Mary Shelley Sees the Future, there is a scene in which Mary Shelley, for a few brief moments, encounters her husband Percy Shelley (or the specter of Percy Shelley) in Gaslight Coffee Roasters (You know the one— the one that juts out like a peninsula on the corner of Milwaukee and Fullerton). It is a packed Friday afternoon 200 years after their era, Percy Shelley is dead via shipwreck, and he also has no place to sit.

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